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You're sweet, but I'm tired

Absolut Jordy

26 June
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About me? I'm Jordy. I AM A DEFTONES FANATIC.


I'm on Friendster and MySpace--->Cobaingirl6794@hotmail.com

Heaven must be missing an angel, cause your here with me, right now...

Jordan and Luke

February 21, 2004

Chino Moreno Is Love

Made by tsl_colourbars

Requiem For A Dream is fucked up love.
Made by evylllint

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Forget the broken backed stretch across a painted background you've never experienced.Forget the lazy days of daydream departure to faraway laughs you've never heard. Forget the backwards walk through liminal windows you never knew existed. Forget the bells tolling an hour of redemption, a minute of fancy you've never been given. Forget the love letters penned by sad faced boys you've never met. Forget the unwritten, uncollected works of the poet you never were.

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